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Scar tissue massage

Scar Tissue Massage Offers Hope & Healing

Working with scars and stretch marks offers an opportunity to explore the deepest aspects of the human condition.

Instead of shying away from a potentially emotional topic, massage therapists can offer a safe space to explore the past as a way to create more clarity in the present.

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Massage therapy is based on safe touch and trust. Helping clients inhabit their bodies more fully and with more awareness is one of our goals as therapists.

It is rare that someone comes into my practice who doesn’t have a least one scar from a scrape, fall or cut.

Many clients have more dramatic scars from medical interventions or a traumatic event. Many women have experienced pregnancy and childbirth and have stretch marks and even scars from this.

When I see a scar or feel irregular tissue, I want to know more—I want to know about the event(s) that lead to the scarring.

I want to know how the client feels about this tissue and how it feels to her. This background information helps me target various levels of awareness while working with the client.

Living Tissue

Scars, burns and stretched tissues are living tissue. Massage therapists can help address the fallacy that nothing can be done to change this tissue by practicing focused therapy on scars and burns.

Clients need to be educated about the living matrix so they can bring attention and touch to injured or damaged areas.

This attention will help re-program false thoughts and rewire the brain to re-map and re-integrate this tissue back into the whole system.

All of us—clients and massage practitioners—need to practice self-care. Taking care of oneself is a proven way to stimulate health and wellness…


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