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I could not recommend more, the scar tissue treatment I had by Angela Graham. Recently, in the early hours of the morning I was suddenly debilitated with labour like pains, I could hardly walk. The doctor I saw on that morning did not have an explanation or diagnosis, he told me if the pain doesn’t go away by the end of the day, to go to hospital. As the pain was near a peritonitis scar 46 years old, Angela suggested I try some scar tissue therapy. I was very nervous because my scar is in an area I feel very self conscious about. Angela is amazing, the most professional caring and gifted therapist I have ever been too, she made me feel at ease and relaxed. and I could not believe that after I left her my pain had completely gone, it was like a miracle. I have not had any re occurring symptoms and I am so grateful for the wonderful care I received.

Over the years I have been to see Angela Graham for massage quite a number of times, as has my husband. We have both found it to be very helpful to relieve stress, pain and muscle tension. Angela is very friendly and immediately puts you at ease when you arrive. She is very knowledgeable about the workings of the body and really listens to your pain or symptoms in order to try to help to make you feel better.

I have no hesitation in recommending Angela to future clients and intend to stay a client myself for many years to come.

I saw Angela for massage and Scar Tissue Therapy for a large scar on my back following scoliosis surgery I had years ago. It was painless and non invasive, and allowed me to feel I had more movement in that area, with less pain. It is a wonderful technique to be offered alongside massage for those who are struggling with pain, reduced movement, or loss of sensation following an operation.

When I read that Angela Graham at Body Zone Massage had completed a ‘Marjorie Brooks’ (American scar tissue release specialist who pioneered the STRAIT method) course in scar tissue release, I was very keen to try. Angela is a very competent practitioner who has a keen interest in doing the very best she can for her patients. This special massage therapy requires a level of commitment that goes way beyond the norm and this is what sets Angela apart. I am absolutely thrilled to have met Angela and I am very grateful for the way she has persevered in order to achieve the best possible outcome. I imagine that there are a lot of folks out there who are suffering from post-surgical adhesions and believe that there is little that can be done. Angela Graham at BodyZone Massage should be the first port of call.

Tracy is amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone. She has been assisting my recovery from shoulder surgery and I would not have the range of movement without her.

I have been seeing Tracy on a regular basis for slightly more than a year. I find the massages very helpful to relieve stress & muscle tension.
Tracy listens to my constant complaints of pain & symptoms of my body & she would help to make me feel better. Very professional & I would highly recommend Tracy.

I was referred to Angela from a lovely person trainer at my gymn, I have found Angela’s professional skill invaluable towards my rehabilitation after surgery for cancer complicated by severe iron deficiency.  As well as her advice, her encouragement and sympathy have been most helpful.

Angela did some lymphatic drainage on my leg and then sent me to someone to be fitted for a stocking to help bring down some swelling. Once that was better she referred me to an osteopath to help increase my mobility. I have come along way and I am very grateful.

Angela really helped me with my caesarean scar – by massaging it and using a Dolphin MPS Tens machine. This helps the scar tissue underneath become supple and helps to avoid adhesions (bands of scar tissue that can cause body tissue or organs to stick together). I had water retention following giving birth and Angela’s lymphatic drainage massage really helped too. She has a lovely, personable manner.

I have seen Tracy for almost 2 years now and have experienced considerable improvement in my shoulder and back pain. Tracy is professional, personable and I have always felt comfortable in her presence. She listens and is able to go straight to the area of concern. I highly recommend

Just back from scar treatment and manipulation at Body Zone. This is so much more than massage, it is true holistic healing based on science. Angela’s experience meant she could feel issues in my body from old and new scars. Indigestion and discomfort from recent surgery have disappeared along with the fear. It seems to have come from scarring which had feathered out a long way from the scar. I think my peristalsis is better, less gas and I think I am sleeping better. My mobility and posture are improving. Everyone should do this just to keep their bodies supple and able, with everything in its proper place. Thank you Angela. Really great!

I have been having regular massages with Angela for the last 9 years and have always enjoyed the experience. She immediately makes you feel calm and relaxed and will give special attention to any problem spots as well as advice on dealing with various aches and pains. I wish her well in her new premises and look forward to my first visit there.

Angela has been working on my scar and has helped me reduce the sensitivity of the scar! Highly recommend Angela to anyone who has visible scars. The clinic has lots of free parking too!

I have been having regular massage with Angela since 2005 and would highly recommend her and would say they are the best I have ever had. I was referred to Angela by my chiropractor who said I needed regular massage to relieve my tight muscles. After that massage I went home and slept so well, first time in weeks.

Angela is very skilled with her hands, and provides sensitive and highly attuned treatments responsive to my needs at the time. She has a warm, kind and caring personality and i feel very grateful of the level of care and attention she brings to each session. I have recommended her to other friends and family and have given some vouchers as presents and they have all been happy with their treatments.

I have a scar which is 3 years old which I got from a motorbike accident and broken ribs. The scar is 30cm long and 2 cm wide. Angela recently performed three treatments on the scar with the dolphin MPS microcurrent units and the scar has shrunk to 1 cm wide, it has faded so is not as noticeable and the sensitivity has gone. I am really happy and would recommend this to anyone with an old scar or new.

I first went to Body Zone on Saturday 20 June and saw Christina Dallow for a neck problem that I had for a long time. When I sat down with her and explained the issues I had been having, she could see it for herself right away, and she explained things very clearly to me, which made total sense, and then we started the treatment, which consisted of massage, trigger point therapy and cupping. I have been to her 3 times now and find that my neck is moving better and she can see that I am more in balance. I am very grateful to Christina for helping me on this journey of mine and I continue to see her for further improvements once a week. I think she is a great therapist, very open and caring, and very good at what she does. I have great faith in what she is doing for me. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Christina, you are a very talented healer and a lovely soul.

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